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autumn raleigh, nc wedding:

I absolutely loved this fall, Raleigh NC Wedding at Ardenwood Farm. Fall wedding days are so beautiful. One of my favorite parts of Ardenwood Farm is this big tree they have right as you approach the farm. The tree was the prettiest shades of orange and red in late November. The sun was shining right through and it made for the prettiest leaf colors and afternoon light.

Matt & Kayae were one of the most relaxed couples I’ve ever photographed. The morning of the wedding Matt was still in his sweats about twenty minutes before the first look. Kayae spent the morning hanging out with her girls, getting all the pretty photos with her dress and the other details. Ardenwood Farm has the perfect bridal suite for a wedding. The couple had the best team of vendors for their day!

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Tips for an Autumn, Outdoor Wedding:

Outdoor weddings during the months of October and November are beautiful because the colors of the trees are changing, so you can get colorful foliage for photographs.

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding in the Autumn months, remember a few things. These days can be cold, especially as the sun falls. Kayae changed out of her dress into an adorable jumpsuit with a coat to keep her warm! This was a brilliant way to be comfortable during the reception, to stay stylish after the ceremony, and to keep warm.

Also, if you plan to have an outdoor wedding because the days are still warm but the nights get cold, reach out to professionals in your area for space heaters to add to the tents! Matt and Kayae had some that looked really nice in the tent for their reception. It helped keep us all warm inside of the tent.

Enjoy Matt and Kayae’s wedding day in a few photographs!

Second Shot for Jane Kim Photo
Venue: Ardenwood Farm
Makeup: Yuna Kim
Planner/Florist: Tried & True Deco
DJ: On Target DJ
Bartender: On My Way Bartending
Rentals: NC Bros RentalsCE Rental
Cocktail Hour Caterer: Joy Worthy Co.Carolina Brewery

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February 18, 2022

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