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Backyard Wedding Fayetteville NC – L+A

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summer backyard wedding in fayetteville, nc:

Lee and Angela had a simple backyard wedding in Fayetteville, NC. This was my first wedding down here in North Carolina after moving from Minnesota. I was so happy to be asked to photograph their wedding day. Angela’s mother is also a photographer and to be asked by someone with the same passion is really humbling. Lee and Angela are super outgoing people and very fun to be around. When I met the two of them – you could tell they have been in love for so long.

Advice for couples getting married outside:

I constantly am checking the weather before the wedding days, to see if it’ll be too hot, too cold, maybe rain?? This day it was calling for rain the entire day. I was really nervous about this, but it ended up being overcast most of the day. Just as the reception began it started to rain. It worked out perfectly!

For outdoor weddings, the weather is always unpredictable. I suggest having a plan for the what-ifs. It’s always a good idea to have a tent for your reception and it’s a good spot for your ceremony if it begins to rain. I’d ask professionals in your area for a clear tent, this is both an effective and a cuter option. Another suggestion is clear umbrellas. I always have one in my car in case of rain, but if your professional doesn’t, buy some! They’re an adorable way to get photos outside without getting wet.

Back to the story of this backyard wedding in Fayetteville, NC:

Lee & Angela are both down-to-earth people and had many parts of their day that were special and portrayed them as a couple.

Angela’s aunt has breast cancer & to honor this the bottom of the bride & bridesmaids’ shoes were pink. Her aunt actually purchased them all as well. This was the sweetest way to honor her and what she has been through. You could feel the beautiful relationship Angela and her aunt had.

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Lee & Angela have a few children. They had asked me beforehand to showcase them throughout their backyard wedding photos. Lee & Angela are amazing parents. The love they showed for their children on their wedding day was so wholesome.

Lastly, they had the backyard wedding in Fayetteville, NC at Angela’s parent’s home, I loved this. It’s always so fun to have an outdoor wedding, but when you have it at a place that holds lots of memories it makes it extra special. When selecting a wedding venue, choose something that is meaningful and portrays you and your fiance.

I was so happy to photograph this special day for them.

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February 18, 2022

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