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Engagement Photo Locations NC

nc beach engagement photo location

my top engagement photo locations in NC:

Here is a list of my favorite engagement photo locations in NC sorted by the major cities they are near! I’ve been all over the state capturing love and it brings me so much joy. From Raleigh to Charlotte and Winston-Salem. All the way from the coast to Fayetteville. There are so many amazing engagement photo locations in NC.

Engagement Photo locations near Wilmington, NC:

  • First, the Beach! My personal favorite type of location for photos. These photos were actually taken at Garden City Beach in South Carolina. I know of a few great beaches in North Carolina that’d make for great engagement photo locations in NC as well. Some of my personal favorites include Holden Beach, Topsail Beach, and Emerald Isle.
  • The Wilmington Riverwalk: The riverwalk is an iconic location on the North Carolina coast. It a major tourist attraction and honestly such a beautiful place to be. This session with Dan and Nicole was so meaningful to them because they visit this area once or twice every year. They love walking the boardwalk so this spot was perfect for them.

Locations near Charlotte, NC:

  • Marshall Park: I’ve visited this location a few times for photos. It’s got a very nice view of the Charlotte, NC skyline. Fun fact: my husband Derek & I also got our engagement photos taken in this same location!
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  • Another is Stony Mountain Vineyards: This is a vineyard with the prettiest view of the mountains in the distance. This is a super fun location for engagement photos. Plus it’s a wedding venue! It’s easy to access, and a great location between Charlotte, NC, and Fayetteville, NC.
  • The Latta Nature Preserve is stunning. There’s a variety of trails, woods, and a lake here. I spent an evening exploring it with Samuel and Andrea. We found so many incredible spots and got an amazing golden hour sun. These were just a couple of my favorite spots we found!

Engagement Photo Locations near Raleigh, NC:

  • Up next, The Dillon: This corner of Raleigh, NC is amazing! This spot alone holds many of the greatest engagement photo locations in NC. We spent over an hour in this location and got an amazing variety of backdrops for this engagement session. Highly recommend! There’s the rooftop and skyline plus lots of beautiful walls down on the street.
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  • Then Dorothea Dix Park: This is an accessible park on campus at the Raleigh, NC university campus. Overall, there were many photo locations for us to choose from for this family session. All of these spots could definitely be used for engagement photos as well.
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Locations near Fayetteville, NC:

  • The classic tree line near Raeford, NC is one of the many fun engagement photo locations near Fayetteville and I’d highly recommend using this spot. It’s absolutely beautiful and the sun sets in the perfect spot beside it, which makes the most perfect light.
  • I love Smith Lake in Fayetteville, NC. This area holds pines, open fields, and a lake. You get a variety of backdrops in one spot, which is amazing!
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Engagement Photo Locations near Winston-Salem, NC:

  • Dewberry Farms: Ohhh, my goodness! This session location was a dream. come. true! When looking for engagement photo locations in NC there is nothing like a field of flowers! This tulip farm is right in Winston-Salem, NC and worth making it to. When visiting this farm for photos, keep in mind there is an entrance fee for individuals and a fee for photographers. You can view more of this information here on their website.

Other suggestions for engagement photo locations in NC:

  • Somewhere special to you! Gavin and Brette chose spots that had meaning behind them. This beautiful pond has been built over the years by Gavin’s family friends to become a magical place. We ended their session at Gavin’s parents house that he grew up in. When you get photos in a place that means something it gives the photos a special touch, you’ll see the photos and it’ll bring back memories you’ve made in that spot.
pond in nc for engagement photo location

I hope these locations inspire you as you plan your own engagement photos!

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February 19, 2022

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