minneapolis mn engagement photos

Engagement Photo Locations Near Minneapolis

minneapolis mn engagement photos

engagement photo locations | minneapolis, mn:

This is a list of a wedding photographer’s engagement photo locations near Minneapolis. With the weather getting warmer up in Minnesota it means engagement photo season is upon us! I wanted to share my favorite locations to do engagement photos near Minneapolis. These locations are up to an hour away from the heart of the city, but this has its perks like fewer people, more of a country vibe, etc! I’ve sorted them by the length of time it takes to drive there. Very Minnesotan of me, I know (I’ve still got it in me).

Over the years I’ve definitely found my favorite Minneapolis engagement photo locations and I want to share them as inspiration for you!

But wait… You might be finding this post and later realize I’m a North Carolina Wedding Photographer! Yes, I am, BUT my home state is Minnesota. My husband and I moved here in July of 2021 because he’s in the military, so we’ll be here for a few years.

I’m always, always looking for an “excuse” to come home so don’t hesitate to reach out!! I don’t charge travel fees to MN for weddings because it’s my home and coming there to photograph makes me the happiest!!

Alright, back to those locations you were looking for!

  • First, we’re starting with a field! This specific one is on private property, but I’m obsessed with fields and gravel roads. I think they’re one of the best engagement photo locations Minnesota holds and many can be found around Minneapolis.

engagement photo locations in the heart of Minneapolis:

  • Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis, MN. The most classic of CLASSIC engagement photo locations in Minneapolis. Not just the Stone Arch Bridge tho! Make sure to walk around the area to find all of the other gems!!
  • “THE Rock” in Minneapolis, MN. Technically in the same spot as the Stone Arch Bridge, but I wanted to showcase this spot too, just so you know it’s nearby. Also, these wedding photos are favorites of mine to date, so I had to. Engagement photo locations like this one are so popular in Minneapolis, so of course, I had to share!

Locations 25 minutes from Minneapolis:

  • Elm Creek Park Reserve in Maple Grove, MN. It’s twenty-five minutes from the heart of Minneapolis. This would be a great spot to keep in mind when looking for engagement photo locations in Minneapolis. Just LOOK at that fall foliage, I’m obsessed.
  • Tamarack Nature Center in White Bear Township. It’s twenty-five minutes from Minneapolis and is a perfect location for a session. Holding so many pretty fields and trees, it’s easily one of the prettiest locations I’ve photographed at. Would highly recommend adding this to your list of ideas for engagement photo locations in Minneapolis!

engagement photo locations 35 minutes from Minneapolis:

  • Otsego County Park in Otsego, MN. Yeahhh, these aren’t engagement photos but mostly just want to give you inspiration for locations throughout this entire post. This park is incredible for photos, I’m obsessed with where the sun sets at “golden hour” which is what makes locations an amazing location for me. Otsego County Park is thirty-five minutes from Minneapolis.
    This is another all-time fave on my list of engagement photo locations near Minneapolis.
  • Crow Hassan Park Reserve in Rogers, MN. Okay, okay, I know these aren’t engagement photos either BUT you totally could do them here. I just had to share these stormy bridal photos because I’m obsessed with them. This park is so pretty with lots of options for backdrops. Crow Hassan is thirty-five minutes from Minneapolis, MN. It’s a popular spot, especially at “golden hour” during the fall. It’s worth a shot to get photos here because there are so many spots to do them so photographers can easily work around each other.

engagement photo locations 45 minutes from Minneapolis:

  • Lake Rebecca Park Reserve in Rockford, MN. Lake Rebecca is a FAVE of mine! There are endless trails, trees, and grasses to take photos in. I’ve barely hit the tip of the iceberg with spots you could take photos here. It’s definitely a top engagement photo location near Minneapolis! It’s about a forty-minute drive from the middle of the city and worth it to visit. Also, it’s a really fun place to go hike, swim, bike, and more.
  • Montissippi Regional Park in Monticello, MN. The perfect pine tree location with easy access and walking trails! I love the pines but that’s not even my favorite part. My favorite part of Montissippi Park is the unique-looking trees that you see in the photos below. Plus, there is a field. I mean you just cannot go wrong with this spot for one of your engagement photo locations near Minneapolis, well forty-five minutes away. But perfect.
  • Bertram Chain of Lakes in Monticello, MN. This is by far my number one spot!! The number of sessions I’ve done here is insane. It’s honestly just got so much variety and the perfect Minnesota vibe. I’d take photos here every day. It’s forty-five minutes from Minneapolis but SO worth it.
  • Lake Maria State Park in Monticello, MN. I’ve only taken photos at this specific location on this list of engagement photo locations near Minneapolis in the winter, but I’ve heard amazing things about this park during the fall. I believe that it is beautiful. There are so many trees that would have beautiful foliage for photos or just a hike in the woods. It’s a forty-five-minute drive from Minneapolis, but based on the photos I’ve seen of this location in the summer and fall + WORTH IT.

Engagement Photo Locations 1 hour away from Minneapolis

  • Collinwood Lake Park in Cokato, MN. This one I’d hardly consider to be “near” Minneapolis, but maybe you’re further north and looking for a location there. This is such a pretty spot! Ben and Jana’s wedding was in that “meh” period between fall and winter and this park was still perfect. I can only imagine what it looks like in the summer or fall. Collinwood Lake Park is an hour and five minutes from the heart of Minneapolis but is a great choice for a location.
  • Lastly, any lake! I mean we are “The Land of 10,000 Lakes” right?! So let’s use them! They make the best engagement photo locations and Minneapolis is PACKED with them. Just get out and explore! These photos were taken on Pelican Lake. It’s kind of in a random spot but I’d say it’s between St Michael, MN, and Buffalo, MN about thirty-five minutes from Minneapolis.

    That wraps up my top engagement photo locations near Minneapolis! I hope this was helpful.

I hope this post inspires you as you plan your own session and you use one of these amazing engagement photo locations near Minneapolis!

Ready to book yours with Greta Keranen Photography? Reach out! Ask about my next travel dates to Minnesota and let’s do this!!

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March 30, 2022

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