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Myrtle Beach Family Photos – Phippen

young boys enjoying myrtle beach waters during family photos

family photos on Myrtle Beach:

WOW, these Myrtle Beach family photos were a dream to capture! The Phippen family came from many states across the country to vacation for a week and they asked me to come document this memory for them. It was an honor.

They told me that this trip was long-awaited as the parents are dairy farmers in WA, so they aren’t able to leave their farm often. It was extra special that so many of them were able to make it work to come on this trip! We all clicked SO well. It was amazing to hear their stories and see how well ours all aligned. My favorite part about this job of mine is getting to know each family, couple, or individual. It’s truly the best!

My tips for family photos at the beach:

  • Find a theme for your outfits and stick to it! The Phippen’s did a great job with this. They chose blues and neutrals to base all of their outfits on. You’ll notice that they have all different shades of blue, many neutral colors, and textures to balance everything out. Another great theme for beach photos would be pastels! When the sun is setting you’ll match the pink and purple tones in the sky, it makes a very pretty look.
  • Stay casual! Nobody wants to be walking in sand in a stiff outfit or high heels so my best advice is to refrain from wearing those types of clothing and accessories. Go for a more flowy or casual outfit style and you’ll be much more comfortable.
  • Ask your photographer for advice on when to have your session! The Phippen’s had lots of kiddos so we did them as close to sunset as possible, but not too close to dinner time that they wouldn’t cooperate. It worked out great! The best time to do photos is within the two hours before the sun sets. The sun reflecting off of the sand and water makes it very bright outside, but they are also great reflectors and bring a lot of light onto the faces of the subject.
  • Enjoy your time. The beach can make for amazing candid photographs. Let your children play in the sand, run around barefoot, and have fun with it! There’s no better way to capture the feeling of being at the beach than that.

Looking forward to more sessions like this! Here are the Phippens:

I’m dreaming to take more family photos (or any !!) at Myrtle Beach! Let’s plan something !!

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April 8, 2022

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