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holden beach family photography – gerhard

Looking for Holden Beach family photography?! You’re in the right place. I love any opportunity to make it out to the beach and all of them in North Carolina are wonderful. I dream of capturing more beaches here and in the nearby states. It’s a happy place of mine, to be barefoot capturing families and love on the coast.

These were a dream to capture! The Gerhard family came from many states across the country to vacation for a week and they asked me to come document this memory for them. It was an honor. We lucked out with a cloudy evening, right before a rain storm. This made the lighting perfect on the beach!

My favorite part about this job of mine is getting to know each family, couple, or individual. It’s truly the best!

So you have a family vacation coming up? All of the family is coming? Your schedule is probably filled with bonfires, lazy days by the ocean, and you might have to have a rainy day board game or two. But with all this family bonding, why not capture a little bit of the love on camera?

We all feel nostalgia. We always think back to the way things were. Capture the ways things are now, so you have something to look back on later. You never know which family members will move away, how people will change as they grow up, or, sadly, who might not make it to the next family vacation. We also know that it may be hard to fit in a photoshoot during your busy vacation schedule. If this is the case, consider asking for a mini session to get some amazing photos captured in up to 30 minutes.


  • Find a theme for your outfits and stick to it! The Gerhards did a great job with this. They chose a few colors to base all of their outfits on. You’ll notice that they have all their styles and textures/patterns to balance everything out. Another great theme for beach photos would be pastels! When the sun is setting you’ll match the pink and purple tones in the sky, it makes a very pretty look.
  • Stay casual! Nobody wants to be walking in sand in a stiff outfit or high heels so my best advice is to refrain from wearing those types of clothing and accessories. You may even choose to ditch the shoes as we begin the session. Go for a more flowy or casual outfit style and you’ll be much more comfortable. Also, applying sunscreen leading up to your session is a good idea so you aren’t sunburnt in your photos.
  • Ask your photographer for advice on when to have your session! The Gerhards had a few kiddos so we did them as close to sunset as possible, but not too close to dinner time that they wouldn’t cooperate. It worked out great! The best time to do photos is within the last hour before the sun sets or the first hour after the sun rises. The sun reflecting off of the sand and water makes it very bright outside, but they are also great reflectors and bring a lot of light onto the faces of the subject.
  • Enjoy your time. The beach can make for amazing candid photographs. Let your children play in the sand, run around barefoot, and get into the water (not literally) but being in the water adds a new element to the session, and have fun with it! While all the poses are fine and necessary for your Christmas cards, family photos on the beach are the best when they’re candid. There’s no better way to capture the feeling of being at the beach than having the entire family walking up and down the shoreline or playing in the sand. You want your photos to look natural and not forced and most likely your photographer has experience with this so lean into them for help.

When it comes to these photoshoots on the beach, I’ve got you covered! I value making you feel relaxed, look great, and have fun during your session. With my help, your session will reflect all the moments you had. And with so many beaches in North Carolina or anywhere on the East Coast with beautiful golden hours, I’m here to capture all the beach memories!


I’m dreaming of Holden Beach (or any !!) family photography! Let’s plan something !! Beach sessions are always a favorite of mine. Always beautiful and always makes me so happy!

Holden Beach Family Photography Packages:

Family beach photographer costs can vary greatly. They can be hard to contact, and keeping track of everyone’s portfolios and different prices can also be difficult. For this reason, I make it easy and offer affordable photoshoot pricing that can fit your budget.

Within two weeks of your beach photo shoot, you’ll receive a nice bunch of the best photos from the shoot in a private online gallery. Also, you’ll be able to directly download your favorite photos to your phone or computer whenever you please. All photos in your gallery will be edited by myself. Included in every package:

  • EXPERT PHOTO EDITING: All photos are edited for light, color, and sharpness to make your photos gorgeous.
  • QUICK TURNAROUND: First, within 48 hours you’ll receive sneak peeks of your gallery. Then you’ll receive the rest of your photos within 14 days of your photoshoot! Download all your digital photos.
  • PRINT RELEASE: Feel free to print and share as you please! Turn your digital photos into cherished prints & wall art directly through my gallery shop or my suggested websites.

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September 29, 2022

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