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All MN engagement photographers love a winter engagement session. There is nothing like a fresh snowfall and taking photos shortly after. The white blanket of snow makes an amazing natural reflector of light plus such clean and crisp images! This session was the best with Evan and Ashley! Besides these two being such a cute couple, they are special people to me. Evan is my mom’s sister and my youngest uncle, we have a lot of fun hanging out together. I was so excited when he and Ashley found each other and when they got engaged, I couldn’t wait! It made me so happy to be asked to photograph their engagement and wedding photos. We took photos at my parent’s home on one of Evan’s trips from Canada. This session was so cool with a fresh snowfall! We ended up with a cloudy day but got the dreamiest creamy and clean photos. Clearly, this made for one of my favorite engagement sessions.

Evan and Ashley are getting married in Outlook, Saskatchewan in February and I can’t wait to be there to capture it all. Check out their engagement session for their amazing outfit combination (I love neutral colors.), the adorable interactions they had, and a favorite location of mine, my parent’s backyard.


Engagement photos aren’t just fun photos of you and your significant other. They can be a wedding day trial run, the building of a relationship between you two and a wedding vendor, and an amazing milestone in your relationship. PLUS the photos can be used for save-the-dates, invitations, and wedding day decor!


Typically this answer comes down to two things: the photographer’s editing style and personality. Think about what style of photo you’re naturally drawn to. All photographers do a mix of everything from portraits, formals, and candids, but their own editing style is what sets these photographs apart.

The personality of your photographer is important! Especially for your wedding day. Did you know you spend more time with your photographer than your significant other on your wedding day? I mean it barely checks out, but while you’re on the sidelines waiting for your turn your photographer is taking photos of your groom/bride with the people standing for them, their families, etc. You want to enjoy your photographer’s company so it’s important to know that your personalities mesh well!

Read about me and see if we’d get along! I always schedule a call via zoom for discussing packages so we can get to know each other outside of the inbox.

How much do engagement photos cost? Most photographers build packages and include engagement photos. We all want the time to get to know the couples before their wedding day, which helps get personal and meaningful images at the wedding. If you’re looking for a photographer solely for engagement photos, I can only speak for myself, it’d cost around $400 for a 60-minute session. You can read more about the details for pricing/packages here.


Choose a location that portrays you as a couple. Let’s go to your first date location, a spot you’ve spent a lot of time together as a couple, your hometown, a city that held many date nights, a local park, or a lake you spent summer days at. This will add sentimental value to your photos. When you look back at them you’ll be reminded of the memories you made together.

Getting photos at a sentimental location, I also love when my couples lean on me for inspiration. I have many locations that I’m dying to shoot at but just waiting for a couple to try them with.

Here is a blog post including all my favorite locations around Minneapolis, MN for engagement photos.


Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in! I can’t stress this enough. If you wear something you’ve never worn before, it can show. You want to feel comfortable and as much like yourself for these photos. Not only will this help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera, but your confidence will also show as well. I have a guide on what to wear to your session and you can read it here.

Hot tip for a bride-to-be: if you’re using a vendor for your makeup on your wedding day, use your engagement photos for a trial run! That way if there are changes you’d like to have made before your wedding day, you’ll know beforehand and your big day will be perfect.


Depending on the length of your engagement, this can vary. If you have a shorter engagement, I’d suggest getting them done as soon as you and your photographer have a similar date that would work. This way, you can use the photos for your save-the-dates or wedding invitations.

If you have a longer engagement, you can be more flexible. I’d suggest getting your photos done in the winter, fall, or summer, this is because the scenery is always guaranteed to be beautiful in MN during these seasons. The only downfall of a winter session is the temperatures can be SO cold.

As for the time of day, typically photographers recommend doing engagement sessions during the evening or early morning so you can get that golden hour we all talk about! I start sessions between one and two hours before sunset for the best lighting.

LASTLY, just be yourselves!

Back to the photos … Here’s a glimpse into Evan and Ashley’s session from one of the MN engagement photographers!


self portrait of north carolina wedding photographer

About the Author: Greta loves her job, consumes too much caffeine, and spends her free time hanging out with her husband or at Target. She is a wedding photographer based in Fayetteville, North Carolina often found in other states across the US. Specializing in capturing candid photographs along with a traditional style to produce natural, classic wedding photography.

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January 31, 2023

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